Golman was founded by Dursun İMAM in 1980 producing men’s clothing including Jacket and coat. Its products were accepted by customers and lead the company to grow quickly and expand the collection to a wider range of products including blaser, shirt, trousers, tie, belt and cufflink.

Golman then created its co-brand, Massimo Rossi, to enrich its product range. Golman and Massimo Rossi now produce and wholesale wide range of menswear product to many domestic and international customers located in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

The main aim of the company is to improve itself constantly to provide high quality and design rich products at the best price with great service to satisfy its customers.


Massimo Rossi and Golman gives a great importance to produce its collection using durable and innovative materials that increase functionality and life of the garment.


To serve high quality products at the best price with great service using the highest production standards
To produce trendy and comfortable garments to meet customer needs
To provide great company that both customers and employees can be happy to be part of it.
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